Visuelt Reisebrev: Lisboa

Tekst og bilder: Enrique Roura og Sara Solana

Last month we flew down south to experience some Mediterranean Christmas in Lisbon; it is the second oldest city in Europe and everything has this touch from the old days.

‘Azulejo’ is the Portuguese word for ‘tile’ and we found them all over; Arabian word for a technique that was developed and appropriated here, turning onto a big element of the Portuguese identity.

So many tiles and so few locals! The city receives around 200.000 tourists every single day. Gentrification of the city center is a big issue though – locals are moving to the suburbs due to the rent prices in town, where many of the buildings are being reconverted into accommodations for the visitors.

Now that we have left, I guess we can say it – Lisbon is like Paris, but made of tiles.

Hilsen Enrique og Sara