Arkitektstudentens hjem:

Marcos Anton Bañon

It is no secret that students in general tend to accept living less comfortably than the rest of the population.  Architecture students train to be able to design amazing homes, but how do they end up living themselves? Parallel to NRK tv series “The Architect’s Home “, Tidsskriftet A will take a look into the home of the architecture student.

Name: Marcos Anton Bañon
Address: London, Uk
Monthly rent: £600
Size: 16 m2
Number of flatmates: 7
Floor: 3rd

Are there any architects that inspire you?
I have always been inspired by Ricardo Bofill.

How can this be seen in your home?
Ricardo Bofill was an amazing architect who was always looking at raw materials as well as the history behind it. In my room, most of the furniture inside has been in other homes / pubs /gardens. I am always looking forward to give “things” I find in the street another life.

In what way have you left your mark on this place?
I have never been a very decorative person, but this house has been the best one I have lived in my five years of being an Architecture student. Therefore, I have tried to make myself “at home”, or at least tried to. I like flowers. I like Art, I like fish and weird furnitures. I think this is how I will describe my “mark” in this house 🙂

Which room is your favourite?
My favourite room in this house would be the concept of the living room. We are 5 Spanish people living in this house therefore we all like to chat, eat and laugh together. We needed a living room! I like thinking of this living room as a “concept”. We have already used the stair case, the kitchen floor, our rooms, even the roof as our living room space!

Is this a home? What does ‘home’ mean to you?
This is my temporary home, for sure. I feel happy, I have people who I can talk to, there is plenty of light, I have my plants! I don’t think I can give another name to this house rather than my temporary home.

What is the best thing about living here?
My flatmates and a lot of space for my plants.

And what is the worst?
It gets loud during the weekends.

Can you describe this place in one word?

What is the ceiling height?

Are there any secrets within this home?
There is a trap door just outside my room which we have never been brave enough to open it!

How can you tell an architecture student is living here?
Because of the amount of modelling material there is everywhere.

Do you care about what your home looks like?
I would say 60 percent yes.